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20 Featured of Scrum Case Studies

Scrum Studies

Featured 20 Scrum Case Studies : These Fascinating Scrum Case Studies highlight how industries, who are implementing Scrum, excel and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.  

1. Distributed Scrum Project for Dutch Railways: Summary of how a distributed team (Netherlands and India) successfully executed Scrum after a traditionally manager project failed to deliver after three years. This case study discussing topics such as architecture, requirements, documentation and more – Aug 18, 2008

2.Agile Project Management at Intel:  A Scrum Odyssey: detailed case study describing how Intel used distributed Scrum within a traditional management culture to reduce cycle time by 66% and eliminate schedule slip within a year – 2008 Danube Case Study- Intel Corporation

3. Agile Case Study – H&R Block: Short summary of how one company helped a very traditional, time-sensitive, consumer tax preparation service transform their business using Scrum. The real value in this case study are the links to the high-quality, short video testimonials from the participants to explain the benefits of Scrum – 2012


4.How Agile is Helping Unilever Go Forward Faster: Before Covid-19 Unilever was not even making sanitizer. Here is how in just 6 weeks they went from an idea to deliver to market – Jun 17, 2020

5.Blue Flash at University of Applied Science and Arts: This case study explores how a Blue Flash student team at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Gottingen used Scrum with Kanban as the frameworks for its program and complete its race car building initiative despite the Covid-19 Pandemic. – August 2021

6.Home Credit Indonesia technology based financing company : The company used Scrum and restructured the company according to flow of value with focus on transparency and focus on outcome over output. Effective use of EBM(Evidence-Based Management) metrics – Scrum Journey 2017-2020

7.Scrum In Church- Saving the World One team at a Time: How Scrum was implemented in non-profit organizations to break down silos of knowledge and activity, encourage communication and collaboration, improve the working environment and personal relationships, and drive higher velocity and quality throughout the organization. Scrum Journey 2005-2009

8.Owning the Sky with Agile : Learn how Saab built a jet  faster, cheaper, better with Scrum. With agile practices and Scrum, Saab team had clarity and true goal but also had the freedom to create their own innovative solutions.

9.Building Understanding Between Scrum Teams and Management with Liberating Structures: Philips is leading health technology that used Scrum framework and liberating structures to help people navigate challenges from small to complex, by working together effectively.  This case study  demonstrate how Scrum Teams (can) use Liberating Structures to deliver more value to their stakeholders –  July 2020

10.Scrum Boosts Effectiveness at the BBC: In this 38 minute video presentation, the Head of Development of the BBC’s New Media Division discusses their multi-year journey to effectively use Scrum – Dec 20 -2006

11.Effects of Scrum Nine Months Later: Case study author, Richard Bank, identifies the lasting benefits of Scrum after a disastrous, piecemeal introduction of Scrum. Be sure to read his candid assessment of how he failed – Nov 7 2006

12.Effective Practices and Federal Challenges in Applying Agile Methods: The Government Accountability Office (GAO) provides a review of the challenges and success factors for Agile projects within the federal government based on their investigation of four successful programs.

13.Adobe Premiere Pro Scrum Adoption: Adobe explains how they used Scrum to successfully coordinate the actions of a distributed Scrum Team within an environment composed of non-Scrum Teams.

14.Rolling Out Agile in a Large Enterprise: This case study from 2006 discusses how Yahoo! used Scrum to support over 100 software teams. Provides interesting metrics on how to evaluate and monitor Scrum Teams in a large enterprise.

15.Business Analysts and Scrum Projects: Short description of how a business analyst’s role changes when they are embedded full time on a cross-functional scrum team.

16.Experience as QA in Scrum: This article focuses on explaining how the QA role performs agile testing and the place of importance they hold in a Scrum team.  This report goes in  day-to-day activities of a tester in a  Scrum team – July 17 2012

17.Moving Back to Scrum and Scaling to Scrum Less Than a Year: In this 15 minutes video Rafael Maranzato tells the story of a team who initially failed to adopt Scrum, but they tried again and eventually succeeded – April 12 2012

18.A CIO’s Playbook for Adopting the Scrum Method of Achieving Software Agility: This 28-page whitepaper from 2005 describes step-by-step how Ken Schwaber envisioned a Scrum business transformation might unfold – 2005

19. A World- Leading Company In Secure communications uses Scrum to Restore Its competitive Advantage :After many years of relative stability, the company found itself struggling with sudden and huge changes in their market. Fascinating Scrum Journey with retrospective insight – 2020

20. A 6 Months Cultural Transformation- A Penta Story: Penta Technologies is family-owned construction software company in Milwaukee, WI. Their software platform was built to meet the unique needs of its customers. Because of this model, customers controlled the functionality, and the product became more and more complex and challenging to scale – Good insight how they recovered from complete disconnect between creating value and doing work  – 2018-2020

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