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Beyond User Stories Workshop

Certified Beyond User Stories Workshop

Certified Beyond User Stories Workshop

Understanding the needs of users is one of the key components of any project. But there are some choices in how you gather those needs and how you document them. One very popular and trending technique, especially for Agile projects, is to utilize User Stories.
Certified Beyond the User Stories

What & Why - User Stories!

This course is stories, story writing, backlogs, planning and prioritization. This video is user-stories. This course is a presentation of Learn Quest. User stories are just a brief description of user functionality, or a feature, or some type of capability that a user needs. They generally describe features and, or capabilities. They are written on a template and they are meant to be brief descriptions. When you need more information, the product owner must deliver that information to the team that’s part of the product owner’s role.

What You Will Get From This Course?

Get the skills and certification to become a Beyond User Stories Workshop® in your organization with our fun and engaging interactive online course taught by our live instructor!
Certified Beyond User Stories Workshop

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