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Podcast with Brandi Andres

How to turn a side hustle into a profitable retail store

In Conversation with Brandi Andres, my CSPO® and CSM® student and founder of @ thewellest A profitable successful sustainable retail business built during the pandemic. If I had to pick 5 product management lessons from this podcast on how to turn a side hustle into a profitable business 1....

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Kick Ass Product Team

5 Strategies to Build a Kickass Product Team

Ever wonder how legends like Michael Jordan soared to greatness? It wasn’t just his solo efforts – it was his team that propelled him to success. Have you ever wondered what truly distinguishes a good team from a great one? In the dynamic realm of product management, the challenge of...

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Objectives and Key Results

At its core, OKRs consist of two components: Key results can encompass various measurable aspects such as growth, engagement, revenue, performance, or quality. It’s crucial to focus on leading indicators rather than lagging ones. Leading indicators are proactive measures, like signed sales agreements or support for a candidate, that drive...

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