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Very engaging and helpful to learn about this role and all that it encompasses. Great class for all levels of Scrum knowledge! Other classmates share their experiences with Scrum and you get to see the diversity of Scrum and how to implement it with your role & Company.

Tessa Swenson

Very engaging & interactive course!

Roy Lezada

It’s very interactive and useful.

Rania Aljazaerly

A very constructive class and well detailed.

Abayomi Asho

I would strongly recommend to all who are interested in CSM.


The training method of very engaging and effective.

Neha Gupta

Simple, effective, focused, and highly interactive.

Akanksha Saxena

Focus and Listen to the instructor.

Raghavendra Chimmalgi
Project Manager, L&T Tech Services Ltd

Good class; High numbers in the class make it a bit hard to learn and would focus on having less people per class.

Adam Seidler

Anil is engaging and intelligent. Great experience.

Kevin Hirsch
DevOps Engineer, Auto Club Enterprises
About this Event

Are you an experienced Face to Face Trainer, Coach, Teacher, Consultant or Facilitator who has been looking for ways to deliver and make your virtual training or facilitation workshop more engaging, interactive, fun and actionable?

  • Wondering how to deliver online or virtual training or workshop with your face to face training material?
  • How to create material for online training and make it stick?
  • Would you like your attendees engaged and mindful during the entire duration of your virtual workshop?
  • Would you like to use brain based instructions

As we redesign our Face to Face training to suit the virtual world we found a few tools and techniques that are helping us teach the same study material while retaining the interactivity and engagement of our attendees. We like to share our design experiences with you and assist you in your designs.

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After your active participation in the DIY Class, you will be able to:

  • Powerful Collaboration

    Powerful collaboration tools that activate virtual facilitation.

  • Brain based techniques

    Brain based techniques that unleash remote collaboration

  • Liberating Structures

    Liberating Structures that ensure that each remote participant is included and engaged

  • Design Your Training

    Instructional steps to leverage remote collaboration tools and techniques to design your training.

  • Elite Group

    Collaborative designing of your remote training with an elite group of peers


Five 2.5 hour Sessions

Warm ups & Follow Ups for each module

psychological safe

Make your learners psychological safe

Learn Brain Science

Learn Brain Science to make your training stick


Brain Based Instructional design & Model


40+ Virtual Techniques & Tools


Re-design your training using TBR-VE