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Certified Agile Scaling(CAS-1): June 10, 2024


Scaling Agile:  Aligning Autonomy

Get Twice the Value with Half the Stress


Certified Agile Skills - Scaling 1 Workshop

Have you struggled with getting the benefits of Agile beyond a team or two?  Is strategically important work overwhelming your organization’s capacity like nearly 80% of those researched by the Business Agility Institute? Is collaboration stalled with nothing being done about it like 60% of those same organizations?  Is complexity overwhelming Agile’s promised benefits, risking taking your business off the rails?

Improving the value delivered through a large organization isn’t just about following a framework.  And cramming through twice the work in half the time just adds stress everywhere.

For success with Agile at scale, it’s about increasing capacity while tempering complexity.  It’s about discerning patterns and principles that fit your unique situation.  It’s about embedding new practices and support structures that guide proven change management ideas.  And leading the change through iterative and incremental delivery, enabling you to grow new capabilities while sustaining your business.

If you’re ready to harness the power of aligned autonomy to positively impact business outcomes, this course is for you.  Together we’ll uncover common pitfalls with scaling Agile and explore alternatives.  You’ll learn how to attune scaling to your business strategy.  And you’ll see how it’s possible to lead multi-team product development to grow clear, sustainable capabilities.


Such skills are hard to learn via lecture alone - so this workshop is hands-on and interactive. This is no Powerpoint snoozefest. Short presentations cover concepts. Immersive team-based exercises are interwoven into each lesson to get you hands-on practice. You'll find the engaging and impactful sessions turn complex topics into easy to understand concepts and techniques. After you learn the concepts, the trainers pivot to address the challenges you face in Scaling Agile in your teams and organization.

Not Just Theoreticians

We’re not just theoreticians, we’ve been there.  Each of your instructors has directly helped multiple organizations grow distributed yet cross functional teams in organizations from 100s to 1000s of people.  And not just in software or startups.  Some in businesses with high mix, high volume, tight margin, tight timeline hardware + software product lines running at $1B+ per quarter.

Through experience with multiple organizations with distributed, cross functional teams with products like:

While I was in this business it grew from breakeven, to 2% of HP’s topline – over $1B/quarter.  The distributed yet cross functional and scaled teams I worked with were responsible for the tactical delivery of this high mix, high volume, tight margin, tight timeline, hardware + software product line.  And, we did it with weekly iterations of our plans.  It was the fastest division in HP’s history to reach $1B / year in revenues.

Watch How a Large Enterprise Scaled their Business with Agile Case Study?

By the conclusion of this dynamic workshop – you will be prepared with the skills, knowledge, and experience to not only explain Scaling Agile to colleagues, clients or interviewers, but enable your organization to increase its capacity and capability without necessarily adding more people. You will be able to create a culture of collaboration, aligning teams on shared objectives and outcomes, minimizing handoffs and dependencies between teams, and employing different methods for breaking down complex problems into smaller pieces that can be tackled by several teams simultaneously. You will be able to execute on multi-team, multi-site, product development. Become a catalyst for change by helping your teams and programs apply these concepts to become resilient, learning organizations able to thrive in today’s emerging markets.


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Certified Agile Scaling(CAS-1): June 10, 2024
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What do you Takeaway after this class?

Get the skills and certification to become a CAS-1 in your as well as takeaway 40+ techniques and tools to teach, mentor, facilitate and coach your team and organization

40+ techniques and tools

Confidence in applying the 40+ scrum master tools and techniques with your team and your organization.

Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) to continue your learning journey in Scrum Alliance.


14 of the 21 contact hours for a PMI-ACP credential. 14 PDUs for attending the course

Free Access to online learning

Free Online course on how to use Scrum and Kanban with Jira

Membership to organization

Two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community.

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