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Train the Trainer Accelerator Program (TBR-VE): June 2, 2024

Train the Trainer Accelerator Program

ScrumMaster CSM Workshop-4

Training from the Back of the Room - Virtual Edition (TBR-VE)

We’ve have had a bunch of questions from students where do we go from here? What support can we get from the trainer community? So we thought it will be helpful to put together this page to introduce you to the Accelerator program and give you a special offer, so read on to check that out

So what IS the Train the Trainer Accelerator?

Good question.

Basically, the number one bit of feedback we get about TBR every time we finish a live Cohort is that it’s such a densely packed barrage of information delivered over such a short amount of time that people can often feel really challenged to make the most of everything over the course of 5 modules.

We have students wondering:

So we created the Accelerator.

Imagine having the trainers and some of the experts in the training field we have built around my training and business as your mentors for the next 12 months, with training design and delivery feedback, a bunch of different support options, private chats, drop in sessions and much more at your disposal constantly for a full year.

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The Accelerator program is our attempt to continue to support our learners after the training is complete

How can you engage your audience in your next presentation, training or meeting? Always start with the Why.

Each month, we’ll have a combination of open live Q&As with us and many expert trainers we invite, guest workshops and detailed individual feedback on your training and presentations design, exercises and tasks to help supercharge your Training journey while connecting and having fun with of other Trainers on the same path.


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Course :
Train the Trainer Accelerator Program (TBR-VE): June 2, 2024
Date :
June 2, 2024 - June 2, 2024
Time :
07:00 PM - 10:00 PM, EST
TBR-VE students
$2,500 + 4% Transaction Fee
Available Tickets: Unlimited
Sales end on Jun 01, 2024
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General Subscription Fee
$4995 + 4% Transaction Fee
Available Tickets: Unlimited
Sales end on Jun 01, 2024
The General Subscription Fee ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.

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Your Expectations

What do I get if I join?

What does this actually look like in practice? Let’s see these features and learn a little more about them…

Monthly Live Q&As with Kriti and Anil

Each month we host a dedicated Q&A session where you can ask us any and all questions related to your Training Content, Design, Selling Training Strategy or anything else. We'll have a chance to go back and forth on questions and ideas you have, and we will explain the answer to your question as best as we can, and try and "think out loud" to explain the reasoning behind it too.

Monthly Guest Expert Speakers

Over the last 4 years, We have learnt and worked with a team of experts around our trainer career and business and it’s meant that we get to leverage on the things that that they are best at whenever we need help and/or guidance.

As part of the Accelerator, we like to open this TEAM of experts with you. You will get access to monthly presentations with each of these experts for mentorship and guidance on your own training from start to finish.

These are hour-long blocks for you to pose any questions or ask for any advice you might need. Think of them as “specialist subject” hours - where you can go if you need to ask a detailed question on a workflow in Final Cut Pro or After Effects, or want to learn about how to get a podcast off the ground, or even if you’re thinking of starting a course of your own.

Once you join the Accelerator, you’ll be able to RSVP to our booked events and others that we are currently adding to the program.

Exclusive Circle Channels (The Hotline)

The Exclusive Circle channels are basically set up so that you have constant access to four trainers for any questions, ideas or feedback you’d like – as well as the entire network of our other learners in the Accelerator.

 Training Development and Feedback

Training development and feedback is one of the most highly rated part of the entire TBR-VE experience, and if you sign up to the Accelerator you’ll receive development help and feedback on 26 learning objectives or delivery strategies over the next 12 months - that’s one detailed piece of feedback every 2 weeks for a whole year 🤯

We’re providing this regular feedback for 12 months so that you’re creating consistently and improving consistently. We want to make sure that there’s absolutely no reason not to be able to build great training and deliver consistently so you become a great trainer

Training Audits

On top of the 26 pieces of feedback, we’re also offering two personalized course audits over 12 months.
These audits will provide:

  • In-depth look at course and share ideas for improving timing and/or delivery
  • Analysis of feedback received from your students and how you can inspect and adapt.
  • Feedback on the technology tools and setup so you know you’re using the most suitable tools for your needs, and maximizing your training quality and audience experience.
  • And more…
  • Accountability Groups

    Finally, you’ll have access to group accountability calls that you can join every week for the 12 months you’re part of the program. These are aimed at giving you that extra push to stay motivated and keep working hard.
    These groups are like a goldmine of constructive criticism and learning - everyone's helping each other out by sharing what works and what doesn't, and it's amazing to see how much you can improve your training by applying what you've learned from others.

    The TBR-VE Certificate is Designed for…