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Trainer Accelerator Program: Oct 21 – Nov 25, 2024

Training from the back of the room

Train the Trainer Accelerator Program

Unlock the secrets of effective e-learning with an exploration into the science behind how our brains really process information. Explore different strategies, business models and  lead generation methods to sell your course

ScrumMaster CSM Workshop-4
Your Expectations

What do I get if I join?

Six Live Weekly Sessions

Six Live Weekly Sessions covering the eight core learning modules of this class. Each module is 2.5 hours

Lifelong Access to our Academy

All the course videos and course materials including workbooks, pdf of Miro white boards with your designs and our sample designs, templates and tools for each one of our training modules will be available for you to access at any time during and after the class.

Monthly Live Q&As with Kriti and Anil

Each month we host a dedicated Q&A session where you can ask us any and all questions related to your Training Content, Design, Selling Training Strategy or anything else. We'll have a chance to go back and forth on questions and ideas you have, and we will explain the answer to your question as best as we can, and try and "think out loud" to explain the reasoning behind it too.

Monthly Guest Expert Speakers

Over the last 4 years, We have learnt and worked with a team of experts around our trainer career and business and it’s meant that we get to leverage on the things that that they are best at whenever we need help and/or guidance.

As part of the Accelerator, we like to open this TEAM of experts with you. You will get access to monthly presentations with each of these experts for mentorship and guidance on your own training from start to finish.

These are hour-long blocks for you to pose any questions or ask for any advice you might need. Think of them as “specialist subject” hours - where you can go if you need to ask a detailed question on a workflow in Final Cut Pro or After Effects, or want to learn about how to get a podcast off the ground, or even if you’re thinking of starting a course of your own.

Once you join the Accelerator, you’ll be able to Access to the academy and other course assets

Exclusive Community Channels (The Hotline)

The Exclusive channels are basically set up so that you have constant access to four trainers for any questions, ideas or feedback you’d like – as well as the entire network of our other learners in the Accelerator.

 Training Development and Feedback

Training development and feedback is one of the most highly rated part of the entire trainer accelerator experience and feedback on 26 learning objectives or delivery strategies over the next 12 months - that’s one detailed piece of feedback every 2 weeks for a whole year 🤯

We’re providing this regular feedback for 12 months so that you’re creating and improving consistently. We want to make sure that there’s absolutely no reason not to be able to build great training and deliver so you become a great trainer

Training Audits

We’re also offer two personalized course audits over 12 months.
These audits will provide:

  • In-depth look at course and share ideas for improving timing and/or delivery
  • Analysis of feedback received from your students and how you can inspect and adapt.
  • Feedback on the technology tools and setup so you know you’re using the most suitable tools for your needs, and maximizing your training quality and audience experience.
  • Accountability Groups

    Finally, you’ll have access to group accountability calls that you can join every week for the 12 months you’re part of the program. These are aimed at giving you that extra push to stay motivated and keep working hard.
    These groups are like a goldmine of constructive criticism and learning - everyone's helping each other out by sharing what works and what doesn't, and it's amazing to see how much you can improve your training by applying what you've learned from others.

    The Advanced Trainer Program is Designed For

    What Do Our Students Say About Our Class?

    TrustScore 4.9

    Kripal Pais

    Problem Solver, Agile Methodologies, Digital Transformation

    This course need to be Experienced

    “I thought I was good at training and interactive lectures. But Anil and Kriti’s Training to the Back of the room - Virtual Edition class took it to the next level. While the concepts in the book seemed easy to understand, practicing them in each of the class sessions was a learning experience. Took away a toolbox full of tips on helping others experiencing the same in my subsequent training”

    Steven Lynch

    Sr Manager of Client Consulting

    I will take Another class with Anil

    “ Anil is a fantastic trainer; organized; respectful; energetic; & passionate; ”

    Brendan Lafond

    Driver of Agile Transformation focused on DevSecOps

    Outstanding -VE course!

    “ Their training from the back of the room (TBR-VE) course was outstanding. It opened my eyes to a level of interactive learning outcomes that I did not think was possible. I've written 2 trainings using this method since completing the course a month ago. This class has opened up a ton of opportunities for learners to engage in different ways in my future training courses enabling them to learn in a way that fits how they learn best.”

    Kelly Tizi

    Certified Agile Specialist

    Very interactive

    “As an Agile Specialist I found this class very interactive and I got to learn how learners learn best. Gallery walk, Quick draw were some of the virtual tools/activities that I especially liked. I found this class FUN, TEACHING, ENGAGING. Take this Class if you want yo grow your craft.”

    Rashid Smith

    Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer at the AT&T Agile Center of Excellence

    Training from the Back of the Room - Virtual Edition

    “ I recently had the privilege of participating in the "Training from the Back of the Room - Virtual Edition" class with Concepts & Beyond, and I cannot recommend it enough! The instructors were not only deeply knowledgeable, but they presented the material in an engaging, approachable, and truly memorable way. The virtual format was seamless, fostering an environment that was both interactive and personal. This wasn't just another online training session; it felt as intimate and effective as an in-person workshop. The strategies and techniques I learned are already making a substantial difference in my own teaching style. Concepts & Beyond truly bridges the gap between traditional teaching methods and the evolving demands of modern learners... Read full review

    • Five 2.5 hour Sessions

      Warm ups & Follow Ups for each module.

    • Psychological Safe

      Make your learners psychological safe.

    • Learn Brain Science

      Learn Brain Science to make your training stick.

    • 4Cs MAP

      Brain Based Instructional design & Model.

    • VIRTUAL Tools

      40+ Virtual Techniques & Tools


      Re-design your training using TBR.

    What do you Takeaway after this class?

    Get the skills and certification to become a TBR® in your organization with our fun and engaging interactive online course taught by our live instructor!

    The TBR Certificate is Designed for…