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Training from the Back of the Room(TBR): Apr 11, 2024

Training from the back of the room

Training from the Back of The Room (TBR)

“Training from the Back of the Room” is a fresh approach to learning, training, presenting, facilitating developed by Sharon Bowman that uses cognitive neuroscience without boring lectures and bleak corporate slides.
ScrumMaster CSM Workshop-4
  • Five 2.5 hour Sessions

    Warm ups & Follow Ups for each module.

  • Psychological Safe

    Make your learners psychological safe.

  • Learn Brain Science

    Learn Brain Science to make your training stick.

  • 4Cs MAP

    Brain Based Instructional design & Model.

  • VIRTUAL Tools

    40+ Virtual Techniques & Tools


    Re-design your training using TBR.

What do you Takeaway after this class?

Get the skills and certification to become a TBR® in your organization with our fun and engaging interactive online course taught by our live instructor!

The TBR Certificate is Designed for…