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Agile Success With Jira

Jira for ScrumMaster

Deliver Successful products and be recognized as an expert in Jira for Scrum and Kanban in 30 days

What’s included in the video course?

Why You Need Caoch?


1 year of live monthly Q&A

You can continue the learning experience, get real time feedback and gain additional support during the hourly Q&A sessions scheduled monthly

1 year access to the video course

You will have access to the course and support for your questions for one year from the time you sign up.

Hands on practice of Scrum and Kanban template

During the course, you will use a version of Jira Cloud and get hands on practice using the Scrum and Kanban Template including setting up the product backlog, sprint backlog and how to setup metrics

The Return on Investment

According to, Jira is used by 120,000 companies across the world with a strong base in United States


What does this mean to you? There are tens of thousands of project manager, product manager and Scrum Master jobs and many require you to be familiar with project management tools.

By increasing expertise in Jira, the most popular project management tool for Agile, you can enhance your qualifications for many of the openings even if they are not specifically looking for Jira expertise.

Our Courses Is Designed For…