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What do our students say?

Fun and very collaborative learning environment.

Doug Eaton

Really good format and worked surprisingly well remotely. Good use of Miro.

Tim Gould

Interactive and effective.

Madhu Scherba

Very Interactive

Sulakshana Singh

A pure workshop- no lectures- maximum interaction and participation.

Manasmitha Devatha

Its relatable and easy to understand due to instructor and activities. Participation was required and helped with a hands-on approach to learning the material .

Laurleena Todd

Great class, definitely would recommend. Doesn't feel like a class just fun!

Samantha Aguilar

Clear and concise , easy to understand content , lots of activities to explain concepts clearly.

Maxwell Anane

Interactive learning

Radhika Sirisha Modali

Great course easy to understand basic and has much interactive based approach

Principal Consultant

Great class for understanding the basics of Scrum not just for certification.

Manjit Singh

Come with an open mind. You will leave with a good awareness level of scrum and a scrum master's role, but can only develop any credible expertise after having done the job.

Simon Brice

Anil J, is a fantastic trainer; organized; respectful; energetic; & passionate; I look forward to being in another class with Anil.

Steven Lynch

Diverse group that brought a broad set of skills and experience.

Courtney Ramsey
Senior SharePoint Designer

It's a good foundation to understanding Scrum.

Colin Oliver

Very interactive and engaging class. Material presentation is both fun and the time goes by fast!

Victor Wurtzel

Very brain friendly session, great platform to collaborate with world wide participants

B. S Karthik
Software Project Manager, Robert Bosch

Very informative and interactive.

Douglas L. Brown

Keep an open mind.

Azeez Oluwo

The class is good and informative. I'm glad it wasn't a powerpoint class.


Ademola Olatunji
Project Manager

Please take if you want an interactive class.

Kenny McClelland

Don't give up after the first day. It all comes together on the second day and your understanding is clear.

Robin Washington

this class offers great insight in to Scrum understanding the the Scrum 5 can be confusing so ensure you understand the information or you'll be re reviewing information that night to ensure you grasp the concepts.

Christopher Latella

Anil is an outstanding trainer with an exceptional degree of subject matter expertise in his field. Focused, concise and with the aim to teach us the benefits of Scrum.

Volker Matz
Managing Director, Matz Management Consulting Ltd

The class was fun and interactive. The instructor is very knowledgeable on the topic.

Kelly Johnson
Sr. Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Gives you a good general knowledge of what scrum is.

Felipe Scavuzzo

About this Event


The Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) course is an interactive and engaging virtual class using Scrum with liberating structures and innovation games to learn the scrum framework. Learn in-depth key principles of Agile, explore real-world techniques as you learn the Scrum framework and start changing the way you work.

Concepts & Beyond Inc. has pioneered the art of virtual training and drove innovation in designing interactivity and engagement, so that learners discover learning with their co-participants as well as learn from the trainer.

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What you will get

  • 2-Year Membership

    You will get an exclusive 2-year membership from Scrum Alliance.

  • 1-Hour Introductory Call

    1-hour introductory call for participants to practice the scrum workflow on the collaborative tool to be used for the course

  • CSM Exam Preparation

    A detailed workbook is full of custom exercises, solutions, and summaries that are essential for the Certified ScrumMaster exam preparation.

  • Documented Case Studies

    Documented case studies for successful scrum implementations.

  • CSM Practice Exam

    Unlimited access to our CSM practice exam

  • 16 SEUs and 14 PDUs

    Earn 16 PDUs from us which you can use for your future certifications from PMI and enhance your career.

  • CSM® Exam Fee

    Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster CSM® Exam fee is included in your payment

  • One-On-One Coaching Sessions

    One-on-one coaching sessions after the workshop

About Your Instructor​

Anil Jaising

Certified Trainer for Training from the Back of The Room, Certified Scrum Master

Anil’s career had an explosive start in the early 1990s, he worked on a messaging product that sent messages across the world in 3 seconds with a team that aligned with the Values and Principles of Agile.The product won the best Open Systems Award in 1994. From the beginning of his career, he has been tinkering with code, infrastructure, product development and consulting in various industries.
       His deep expertise in financial services and startups in developing business models have resulted in multiplying revenue and avoiding risk.  He recently led a cloud transformation program for 250 application teams that saved one of the world’s largest bank over $25 million. His deep Agile, DevOps  and leadership experience have guided multiple organizations achieve high throughput, market focus, productivity, and quality in building products.  He has a deep interest in instructional design and is a certified Training from the BACK of the Room Trainer.

      He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with Scrum Alliance and a Certified DevOps Trainer with DevOps Institute and is well regarded in the industry as an Agile, Executive  and Technical Coach.  He has helped several organizations successfully implement continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery and SRE practices. He is currently guiding the product marketing and development of a telemetry dashboard for Atlassian products.   

Course Outline


What is Agile? What is Scrum? Background, history, origin and benefits.


Definition and basic principles. Scrum values. Empirical process control. Framework vs methodology. Iterative and incremental process.


Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Development team. Responsibilities of the roles and interaction between them. Cross-functionality and self organisation.


Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Product backlog refinement meeting, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective.


Product backlog, Sprint backlog, product increment, Definition of Done.


Facilitation, coaching, servant leadership, service to Product Owner, organisation and development team.

How can we help you?


You will receive full refund if you cancel before the class starts.

You can take the certification test at the end of the class and have until 90 days to take the test. Our suggestion would be to not wait too long and take the test as soon as possible.

Your registration fee includes the training, Fees to take the exam twice, 2 year membership to the scrum alliance community and lifetime membership to the global Concepts & Beyond network of students.

  • Increase career opportunities
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Expand your professional community
  • Influence organizational change
  • Firms skin by 60%
  • Pursue professional development


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