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What do our students say?

At first, I was skeptical on how effective this collaborative learning session would work in the virtual setting. However, hats off to Anil and Kriti for doing a great job by using the right combination of online collaboration tools and Zoom to provide very efficient collaborative environment and making learning fun. I loved the approach of learning by doing! I was more engaged in these 2 day-8 hour long sessions than I would otherwise be in an hour long session with traditional presentation delivery method.

Kedar Chaudhari
Engagement Manager

It was great to learn scrum by using scrum. The class was very interactive and really put the subject into context.

Whelan Ashley

The course is interactive and engaging.

Atkinson Mary

Worth the time and effort to learn in a new way.

Jerry Stogner

Highly engaging,but some of the ambiguous concepts & teaching tools could caues confusion.

Hayden Michael

Great organization and engagement. Loved the use of different tech. Instructor was very personable. Could benefit by being a bit smaller to allow more time for questions. At times there's conflicting information. Would be great to touch on the differences between Scrum and other methodologies. eg xp, kanban

Mireanu Samantha

Very interactive and hands-on course with good practical tips on Scrum.

Behnam Salimi

This class has allowed me to learn scrum in an efficient and clean manner. The interactive class structure will keep you engaged and focused on the learning material provided.

Dickenson Steven

There are tremendous benefits to Agile Product Management in bringing successful products to life


Great Class, Should attend the class.

Arya Sunit

Anil runs an excellent class. Very effective!

Lenin Marino

I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain a more solid foundation on Scrum. The instructors provided a open and inviting forum to discuss questions as they arise.

Chad Eadie

Really enjoyed each hour of the class. Very well distributed across different topics. Specially covering not only Agile but also modern product development and management concepts like design thinking and human centered development


Comprehensive and fun, well thought out and executed for virtual learning sessions.

Darren Hodroski

I would recommend this for sure for SM and other scrum training.

Steven Galli

Very interactive and engaging. Made SCRUM easy to understand and follow.

Hannah Pike

very good. I really enjoy myseff and learn a lot.

Nsoa Adele Larissa
Project manager

This course was enjoyable and interactive. Lot's of topics and tools covered in the time allotted. I feel prepared to take the exam immediately. I chose this 3 half day format to align with my schedule and cover what is needed to pass the exam. This was met, 100%.

Trista Rothgerber

Very thorough, provides additional information to fill out concepts very well.

James Chlebus

The interactions are very present in the class and breakout groups really important and useful.

Murphy Paul

This has definitely been the best professional training I've ever had. VERY helpful and I'm completely confident in my ability to pass the test.

Jennifer Beazley

Great class, definitely would recommend. Doesn't feel like a class just fun!

Samantha Aguilar

What is our class experience like?

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Course Overview

If you’re someone who is comfortable with the “business side” of projects, you are probably the right person to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®). While the ScrumMaster helps the Scrum Team work together to learn and implement Scrum, as a CSPO, you create the product vision, order the Product Backlog, and make sure the best possible job is done to delight the customer.

          This Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) class by Concepts and Beyond is an interactive learning experience full of practical, real-world techniques and hands-on exercises. Learn how to create a product vision, a product goal, roadmap and manage the product backlog with user stories and validate your product assumptions with design thinking. As an added bonus this class teaches DevOps for leadership which will qualify for you to prepare for the DevOps certification with DevOps Institute

          This course is taught by trainers that have worked in a variety of product management roles across industries that span Financial Services, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Web Development, Consulting, and Telecommunications. They share real life stories about product successes and failures, provide a practical perspective on the job that goes beyond theory, and offer insights on how to overcome typical obstacles in creating great products.  

What you will get

  • 2-Year Scrum Alliance Membership

    You will get an exclusive 2-year membership to the Scrum Alliance community

  • Real Life Experiences and Stories

    Share real life stories about product successes and failures, provide a practical perspective on the job that goes beyond theory.

  • Product Owner Certification

    Certification as Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) upon completion of the requisite training materials.

  • Workbook and Digital assets

    Workbook with product owner materials and digital assets used in the class.

  • 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs/PDUs

    Earn 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs/PDUs from which you can use for your future certifications from PMI and enhance your career.

  • Free Coaching Session

    FREE coaching session for support on becoming an effective Product Owner in your workplace for 6 months after class.

  • Design Thinking and DevOps

    Class is designed to cover the learning objectives with design thinking fundamentals and DevOps leadership as an added bonus.

About Your Instructor

Anil Jaising

Certified Trainer for Training from the Back of The Room, Certified Scrum Master

Anil’s career had an explosive start in the early 1990s, he worked on a messaging product that sent messages across the world in 3 seconds with a team that aligned with the Values and Principles of Agile.The product won the best Open Systems Award in 1994. From the beginning of his career, he has been tinkering with code, infrastructure, product development and consulting in various industries.
       His deep expertise in financial services and startups in developing business models have resulted in multiplying revenue and avoiding risk.  He recently led a cloud transformation program for 250 application teams that saved one of the world’s largest bank over $25 million. His deep Agile, DevOps  and leadership experience have guided multiple organizations achieve high throughput, market focus, productivity, and quality in building products.  He has a deep interest in instructional design and is a certified Training from the BACK of the Room Trainer.

      He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with Scrum Alliance and a Certified DevOps Trainer with DevOps Institute and is well regarded in the industry as an Agile, Executive  and Technical Coach.  He has helped several organizations successfully implement continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery and SRE practices. He is currently guiding the product marketing and development of a telemetry dashboard for Atlassian products.   

Course Outline


What is Agile? What is Scrum? Background, history, origin and benefits.


Definition and basic principles. Scrum values. Empirical process control. Framework vs methodology. Iterative and incremental process.


Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Developers. Responsibilities of the three Roles and interaction between them. Five Events of Scrum, three Artifacts and three Commitments


Practice customer segmentation, user personas, business value and create a product vision, roadmap and release plan


Validate your assumptions using practices such as design thinking, MVP, MMF and Wizard of oz techiques


Learn about product owner anti-patterns

Who Should Attend

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Your registration fee includes the training, Certification fees, 2 year membership to the scrum alliance community and lifetime membership to the global Concepts & Beyond network of students.

  • Increase career opportunities
  • Acquire skills to apply for the top sought after role in product development
  • Expand your professional community
  • Lead product development for your organization
  • Kick start a career in product innovation and development


There is no test for the CSPO® certification. Attending and completing the learning objectives successfully will earn you the certification

You will receive full refund if you cancel before the class starts.

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