Deliver Virtual trainings the "TBR-VE" way. New brain science based tools & techniques to design & deliver trainings for virtual audience.

What do our students say?

To learn you must Teach! I absolutely loved this concept. This has helped me understand the C2 (Concepts) and challenge my original way of teaching. The liberating structures and tools have helped me already in my retros and regular scrum ceremonies. Needless to say I have a lot of take aways and I'm so thankful.

Renee Solheim
Scrum Master

It was more interactive.

Darsana Arun

Awesome! lot's of practical scenarios.

Krishna Vempati

Liberating Structures, Advanced techniques for interactive training, 6 Trumps, Importance of time boxing, 4Cs

Korrin Mitchell
Agile Coach

Simple, effective, focused, and highly interactive.

Akanksha Saxena

Very engaging & interactive course!

Roy Lezada

How to design a great training using several powerful techniques that engage learners and incorporating brain science principles to make learning stick.

Bandele Adeyemi-Znidarcic
Scrum Master

amazingly interactive.

Luke Colton
Project Manager

Focus and Listen to the instructor.

Raghavendra Chimmalgi
Project Manager, L&T Tech Services Ltd

A very constructive class and well detailed.

Abayomi Asho

Anil is engaging and intelligent. Great experience.

Kevin Hirsch
DevOps Engineer, Auto Club Enterprises

I would strongly recommend to all who are interested in CSM.


Great class, definitely would recommend. Doesn't feel like a class just fun!

Samantha Aguilar

All of the different techniques and tools of the 4Cs

Andre Chiaramida
Scrum Master

Incredibly engaging and knowledgeable instructors.

Roddy Alvarado

The training method of very engaging and effective.

Neha Gupta

Very engaging and helpful to learn about this role and all that it encompasses. Great class for all levels of Scrum knowledge! Other classmates share their experiences with Scrum and you get to see the diversity of Scrum and how to implement it with your role & Company.

Tessa Swenson

Interaction over slides is great.

Joshua Harris

Creating a 4C's map to help facilitate better learning

Scrum Master / Private Markets

consider psychological safety/how you design the module is key/death by lecture/use the tools and techniques/start from the end & objective/remember need to have vs nice to have

Janelle Braun
Strategist / Business Agility

Good class; High numbers in the class make it a bit hard to learn and would focus on having less people per class.

Adam Seidler

lot to say .. From Principles >> 4C's >> LS

Agile Coach

Excellent methods on how to be interactive when presenting material

Mike Reid
Scrum Master

Training (TBR) Techniques, Effective implementation of Training

Agile Coach/ IT

It's very interactive and useful.

Rania Aljazaerly

Psychological Safety, 4C Design, 4C Design Assessment questions

Tom Egan
Scrum Master

Involve the learners more than you think

Andrew Thompson

This course is an interactive way of learning SCRUM.

Taylon Hammons

About this Event

In this practical and interactive 5-modules Training from the BACK of the Room Virtual Edition class, you’ll explore the current “cognitive neuroscience” that explains how ALL humans learn. You’ll discover 6 specific brain-science principles and a 4-step instructional design model that you can use in your own virtual teaching and training. You’ll leave with dozens of new ideas, activities, resources, and a new “Gold Standard” for Virtual Instruction and Learning.
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What will you get

  • Apply 6 Brain-Science Principles

    Apply 6 brain-science principles every time you deliver a virtual training regardless of the complexity of the topic, size of the group, or level of learners.

  • 4Cs Map Training

    Use the 4Cs Map as a training design and delivery models for brain-based virtual instruction.

  • Virtual Training Sessions

    Create virtual training sessions that combine your own topic and materials with the brain-based concepts and strategies from the class and demonstrate how to leverage the strengths of the virtual learning environment.

  • Face -To-Face Environments

    Explain to colleagues your understanding of cognitive science as it applies to learning, training, and memory in both virtual and face-to-face environments.

  • Virtual Brain-Based Learning

    Choose from dozens of virtual brain-based learning activities for
    all topics.

  • TBR-VE Class Group

    Become an active member of the TBR-VE Class Group and share your own expertise about brain-based virtual instruction and learning.

About Your Instructor

Anil Jaising

Certified Trainer for Training from the Back of The Room, Certified Scrum Master

Anil’s career had an explosive start in the early 1990s, he worked on a messaging product that sent messages across the world in 3 seconds with a team that aligned with the Values and Principles of Agile.The product won the best Open Systems Award in 1994. From the beginning of his career, he has been tinkering with code, infrastructure, product development and consulting in various industries.

       His deep expertise in financial services and startups in developing business models have resulted in multiplying revenue and avoiding risk.  He recently led a cloud transformation program for 250 application teams that saved one of the world’s largest bank over $25 million. His deep Agile, DevOps  and leadership experience have guided multiple organizations achieve high throughput, market focus, productivity, and quality in building products.  He has a deep interest in instructional design and is a certified Training from the BACK of the Room Trainer.

      He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with Scrum Alliance and a Certified DevOps Trainer with DevOps Institute and is well regarded in the industry as an Agile, Executive  and Technical Coach.  He has helped several organizations successfully implement continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery and SRE practices. He is currently guiding the product marketing and development of a telemetry dashboard for Atlassian products.   

Kriti Jaising

Certified Trainer for Training from the Back of The Room, Certified Scrum Master

Educator, Corporate Trainer, Marketing professional, and Entrepreneur. I believe that the only moment is ‘NOW'. My training & workshops apply the mindfulness, awareness, and cognitive neuroscience techniques to engage learners bring joy while learning, get 100% attention, and improved retention

Course Outline

Five 2.5 hour Sessions

Warm ups & Follow Ups for each module

psychological safe

Make your learners psychological safe

Learn Brain Science

Learn Brain Science to make your training stick


Brain Based Instructional design & Model


40+ Virtual Techniques & Tools


Re-design your training using TBR-VE

Who Should Attend

How can we help you?


You will receive full refund if you cancel before the class starts.

You can take the certification test at the end of the class and have until 90 days to take the test. Our suggestion would be to not wait too long and take the test as soon as possible.

Your registration fee includes the training, Fees to take the exam twice, 2 year membership to the scrum alliance community and lifetime membership to the global Concepts & Beyond network of students.

  • Increase career opportunities
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Expand your professional community
  • Influence organizational change
  • Firms skin by 60%
  • Pursue professional development


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