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Curated Resources For Continued Learning

Where can I learn more? On you path to becoming an expert, our resource library will show you the way.

Curated Resources For Continued Learning

The Concept&Beyond Toolkit can help you answer the question: 

On you path to becoming an expert, our resource library will show you the way.



You can get our free resources materials for your learning


Scrum Simulation: Writing a Fictional Novel with the Scrum

The Miro template can be used as part of a scrum class you are delivering or a standalone simulation with remote and hybrid teams. What does this board contain?

  1. Explanation of the entire scrum framework (video and visual)
  2. Completed example of running this simulation with a team
  3. Empty template for the facilitator to use
User Stories

Splitting User Stories

Example User Stories for building Netflix features and 12 strategies to split them.

PO Mindset

Product Owner Mindset Card Game

The product owner value game is a card game for teams. The objective of the game is to deliver as much value as possible. Teams learn to prioritize backlogs, plan iterations, and deliver results. The game helps teams to talk about agile principles, and exchange experiences.

Product Discover Question Template

Product Discovery Questions Template

Base your next product moves on your users’ needs, not your assumptions. With this template, you can develop a clear picture of what your audience wants so you can work on faster solutions to their problems.

Get All Three Resources In One Bundle

Your can get all three resources(Splitting User Stories + Product Owner Mind Set + Product Discovery Questions Template) in single file.