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Scrum Master Journey

Scrum Master training focused on the process behind innovation

As CSM adoption continues to grow and drive digital business success, organizations and their teams need to ensure they have the needed skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality software solutions quickly, exceed customer expectations and outpace competitors with technologies like the Cloud to drive innovation.

Learn the principles and practices of CSM to implement the culture philosophies, practices, and tools in your organization to improve product quality, team collaboration, better time to market, and make your customers happy.

Organizations looking to unlock innovation in product development and reduce the time from concept to delivery, join us in a learning adventure to develop the principles, practices and culture to adopt CSM.

scrum master

CSM Training Path

Course Contents & Format

Certified Scrum Master
Advanced CSM - Cohort Based
Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master
What is Agile Facilitation, Coaching and Training Facilitation, Coaching and Training
What is Scrum Value of engineering practices Agile practices
CSM Background and History Finding practical solutions to make teams more productive Continuous team management
CSM Origin and Benefits Leading teams Continuous to Leadership
Definition and basic principles. Scrum values. Empirical process control. Framework vs methodology. Iterative and incremental process. Continuous Deployment & building effective DevOps tools chains using the right infrastructure Demonstrate attributes of a servant leader to serve your team and organization to be effective
Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Development team. Responsibilities of the roles and interaction between them. Demonstrate attributes of a servant leader to serve your team and organization to be effective Demonstrate attributes of a servant leader to serve your team and organization to be effective
Cross-functionality and self organisation Become a change agent in your organization by providing agile coaching Become a change agent in your organization by providing agile coaching
Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Product backlog refinement meeting, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective Coach the product owner to translate the vision to the product goal and effectively refine the product backlog Learn team dynamics, take one step closer to personal development as a scrum master
Product backlog, Sprint backlog, product increment, Definition of Done Create a working plan for team Learning using outcomes
Facilitation, coaching, servant leadership, service to Product Owner, organisation and development team Approaches to scale scrum and techniques for visualizing, managing, and reducing dependencies between teams Best practices to get started
Class Format
Live online Instructor led Live online Instructor led Self Paced Class
One-on-one coaching sessions after the workshop Four-hour cohort sessions each week Four-hour cohort sessions each week
CSM Exam Preparation & Practice Share 50+ tools and techniques to practice Self paced preparation for certification test
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"Anil placed us in Scrum practice without us even realizing it. The way the course is structured, its hands-on simulation while learning. I have never taken a class that held my attention and was fully engaged in each session"

Candice Tedesco

"I passed my CSM the first time with Anil’s great course. He’s extremely friendly, attentive, and informative. His class material is very hands on, and he covers a wide range of material to help you get certified and gives you hands on advice on the world of scrum. I would recommend his courses to everyone!"

Kareem Osman

"I tend to get bored in training very easy. Not the trainers fault, just me. However, this training forced me to be engaged in documents, exams, videos and more which made it easier for me to attend to the coursework and resulted in a First Time pass for the Scrum Master Certification Exam. Highly recommend for those that need a high level of various interaction to stay on target. "


"I just completed the Scrum Master course with Anil. I could not be happier with my choice. The class was really engaging and interactive. A lot of exercises, real-life examples, material, and everything with no slides. Can you believe that? Anil is the best Trainer ever. His way of teaching is incredibly deep and easy, stick in your brain like his so-loved sticky notes. Thanks for the amazing training. This is just the beginning of the journey. Looking forward to learning more with A-CSM. "

Daniela Vernaglione

Your Instructor

Anil Jaising, CSM Trainer

Certified Scrum Trainer With Over 30 Years Of Industry Experience

Anil’s career had an explosive start in the early 1990s, he worked on a messaging product that sent messages across the world in 3 seconds with a team that aligned with the Values and Principles of Agile. The product won the best Open Systems Award in 1994. From the beginning of his career, he has been tinkering with code, infrastructure, product development and consulting in various industries.

His deep expertise in financial services and startups in developing business models have resulted in multiplying revenue and avoiding risk.  He recently led a cloud transformation program for 250 application teams that saved one of the world’s largest bank over $25 million. His deep Agile, DevOps and leadership experience have guided multiple organizations achieve high throughput, market focus, productivity, and quality in building products.  He has a deep interest in instructional design and is a certified Training from the BACK of the Room Trainer.

He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with Scrum Alliance and a Certified DevOps Trainer with DevOps Institute and is well regarded in the industry as an Agile, Executive and Technical Coach.  He has helped several organizations successfully implement continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery and SRE practices. He is currently guiding the product marketing and development of a telemetry dashboard for Atlassian products.


We understand that things can change, to cancel or substitute your registration for a future date please contact us via email at or call us at 201 – 374 – 0893. Please note! Cancellation is possible up to 5 days before the start of a course with a full refund excluding a 4% transaction fee. Cancellation requests received within 5 full business days before the course, will receive a credit (no cash value) towards a future workshop. No credits or refunds will be available for participants who fail to attend after the class starts.

Typically the learner will take about 4 hours to complete every module and attend 4 hours of live instruction. The learner has 6 months for the program and a learner typically takes about 3 months to complete the program
As soon as you join you will be invited to join our community to start the course work.