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Training from the BACK of the Room

In-Person and Virtual Edition


Training from the Back of The Room - In-Person

“Training from the Back of the Room” is a fresh approach to learning, training, presenting, facilitating developed by Sharon Bowman that uses cognitive neuroscience without boring lectures and bleak corporate slides.

Highly experiential, this 2-day workshop will introduce you to 6 learning principles that maximize learning effectiveness and accelerate content retention.

In this workshop, you will learn by doing! Over 65 quick brain-based activities will help you solidify research concepts as well as “The 4C Map” – a brain-based instructional design and delivery model from Accelerated Learning which you can immediately apply to create your own training, presentation, workshop, business pitch or delivery of HR policies in both online and in-room format.

Training from the back of the room
Training from the Back of the Room

Training from the Back of the Room ​- Virtual Edition

In this practical and interactive 5-modules Training from the BACK of the Room Virtual Edition class, you’ll explore the current “cognitive neuroscience” that explains how ALL humans learn.

You’ll discover 6 specific brain-science principles and a 4-step instructional design model that you can use in your own virtual teaching and training.

You’ll leave with dozens of new ideas, activities, resources, and a new “Gold Standard” for Virtual Instruction and Learning.

Key patterns include :

    • Five 2.5 hour Sessions
    • Psychological Safe
    • Learn Brain Science
    • Brain Based Instructional design & Model
    • 40+ Virtual Techniques & Tools
    • Re-design your training using TBR-VE.