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What norms 🧠 a leader needs to posses to organize Agile at Scale in their organization?

Product Manager

Let’s look at the example of RaboBank. In early 2022, Dutch financial services group Rabobank scaled up ⬆ its agile transformation with a framework known as Simplify@Scale

The bank reoriented from being product-centric—focused on mortgages, insurance, and checking accounts—to being wholly customer-centric 👩‍⚖️, making the smartphone 📱 the nexus of banking interactions and embedding banking seamlessly into everyday apps. With swift moves to cloud technology and micro services, the bank redefined itself as “an IT company with a banking license.”

Leaders had to adopt new norms:
💎Ease the workforce’s anxiety as they moved away from a traditional hierarchical structure.
💎 Set a clear vision and strategy, establishing accountability
💎 Build trust with employees, sometimes through difficult conversations
💎 Become exceptional communicators, capable of inspiring their teams by highlighting the deeper meaning and purpose behind the shift to agile
💎 Transition from How to What
💎 Maintain a balance of maintaining oversight while relinquishing direct control
💎 Emphasize failure and experimentation as a vital tool for individual and team growth
💎 Focus on the philosophy “happy employees lead to happy customers”
💎 Motivate teams to share their insights, fostering a culture of cross-pollination.
💎 Build a culture of Joy

What would you add to this list? Share in the comments below.

Curious to know how traditional hierarchical leaders in an 125 year old financial services institution transitioned to the norms of Agile Leadership?

Tomorrow I will publish an article that will reveal the full story.
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