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At A Glance Jira Plugin

Visualize your entire software development pipeline on a single dashboard.

Feature Teams

Use information radiator to track progress and identify bottlenecks in real time.

Product Owners / Managers

Analyze milestones and product quality trends and identify risks.


Predict project success by monitoring progress and trends.

Agile Coaches / Scrum Masters

Use feedback loops to adjust development teams behaviors towards high performance.

Product Highlights

  • Correlates stories, code commits, code reviews etc for your software in a sprint.
  • Powerful reporting of software development data for projects in your Jira Cloud.
  • View Code Quality, SQALE Rating, Test Coverage, Documentation & Code Duplication.
  • View Builds Success & Average Duration.
  • Manage Builds and Deployments in Delivery Pipeline.
  • View Code Commits & Pull Requests by Developer.
  • In a single glance, teams can see project status of their software delivery pipeline.



Complete transparency into lifecycle of every story through requirements, design, development, build, test and deployment.


View various builds triggered by commits. Fix build issues and improve delivery speed by analyzing and reducing average build duration.


View Code QualitySQALE RatingTest Coverage, Documentation & Code Duplication metrics for your code in real time.


Increase transparency and delivery by visualizing test coverage in real time on Jira. Improve your software quality and increase test automation.














  • Install the At a glance add-on from the marketplace
  • Click on the “At a glance” plugin link on the left navigation bar in Jira
  • Using the searchable drop down bar pick the project. The drop down shows the list of Jira projects in your Jira
  • Within minutes you should see all stories in the active sprint or the last 30 days of the project.

  • The stories will show the developers and status for the stories. If stories are linked to epics or components, they will show up grouped by the epic or component.

  • You can switch between epics and components view by choosing one from the drop down above.

Reference: Setup Jira Projects

When you select a Jira project, you will see all the Jira information but will not be able to see anything other data.

To start seeing data from your Git repository, you will need to authorize the add-on with your Git repository.

Initially you will see the below message in the commits, pull requests and builds widget if you are an admin.

If you are not an admin, contact your Jira system admin to help setup your Bitbucket connection. 

The admin clicks on the setting icon that takes the admin to the setting screen.

When the Admin clicks on the “Authorize” button, a modal dialog that shows the Bitbucket login is displayed.

When Admin logs into Bitbucket, the modal dialog below shows up asking the user permission for the addon to access Bitbucket repositories. Please read here to see the OAuth 2.0 interactions used by the Addon

When Admin agrees on the visibility scopes requested by the Addon, the addon creates the OAUTH token neccesary for access.

The setting screen now allows you to map the Jira project on top with one or many of your Bitbucket repositories.

Click on the “Save Association” button and then click back to the main at a glance page. Data will be collected in a short time and you can now see your commits, pull requests and even your builds if you are using Bitbucket Pipeline

Reference: Setup Bitbucket Repositories

When the Jira project is mapped to the Bitbucket repositories and Sonar Projects, the screen has all the charts for your current sprint or the last 30 days if you don’s use sprints in Jira. Please see the view below.

Reference: AtaGlance Apps