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Superpower Retrospective

One of my favorite retrospectives is the Superpower Retrospective. When faced with a team that has been together for a while and has done a few retrospectives it can be hard to keep things interesting. The Superpower Retrospective is an excellent way of spicing things up. With the Superpower Retrospective… Read More »Superpower Retrospective


Everyday Life Kanban

The car manufacturer Toyota developed Kanban as a methodology to help teams work on their assembly line. Currently, it is popular with engineering teams working within an Agile environment. Typically, the work being done in Kanban is easily visible and communicated on a Kanban Board. Kanban also helps keep work… Read More »Everyday Life Kanban

Product Owner Case Studies

Product Owner Case Studies

Product Manager or Product Owners have to wear different hats at different times. Here are some mindsets that connect well with the work they do.   Collaborative Works 1/3rd time each working alone, 1/3rd time with stakeholders and 1/3rd time with developers. LinkedIn Collaborative best practices Problem: When teams rapidly grow… Read More »Product Owner Case Studies

Agile Sound

What is Your Agile Sound?

If you’ve ever read the Agile Manifesto you’re familiar with these four lines. “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan” You are also familiar with this line. “That is, while there is value in the items… Read More »What is Your Agile Sound?

Keep learners awake and engaged using interactive lecture

As a trainer you want your learners to have Collaborative interdependence: learners work together and they cannot accomplish the task without working together. Individual accountability: As a participant in a group activity, learners are accountable for maximizing their own learning. Sharon Bowman’s Training from the BACK of the Room book… Read More »Keep learners awake and engaged using interactive lecture