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According to research, many Scrum Master positions are still open.


I was looking through one of my go-to job websites Indeed and searched for scrum master jobs this morning. There are 1627 open jobs in the United States. Many of them in Pharma and Financial Services in the East Coast.

As I browsed through the jobs, I grabbed some what they are looking for:
– Guiding a scrum team on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and how to get the most out of self-organization.
– Collaborates with team members, but does not act as a manager, lead developer, Project Manager, or Product Owner.
– Builds and maintains a trusting and safe environment where problems and issues can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged.
– Tool Selection and Implementation: Evaluate and select Agile tools that align with marketing processes and objectives. Lead the implementation process, ensuring seamless integration and adoption across marketing teams
– Problem Resolution: Proactively identify and resolve challenges, keeping the HCP/consumer squads on track and adapting to changing priorities

Well these are challenging requirements, and if you are looking for a scrum master role, are you ready to take these on?

While most scrum master training is online, I conduct two that are in in-person every month so that Learners can

1. Learn Scrum by the Scrum Guide Book.
2. Learn by doing in class (note this is difficult to do in most online courses, which are packed with 30 or more students)
2. Make meaningful connections with people in the class that might be hiring or know of open opportunities (note very hard to do in an online class)
3. Have access to a guide on the side that brings 3 decades of mission critical delivery experience in major banks and other organizations. This access is way beyond the 2 day class.
4. Join an online community with lifetime access to solutions, ideas and experience that can guide you to get a job and thrive in a job.

If you are interested in joining my CSM® course by Scrum Alliance, links are in the comments below or scan the QR code in the image.
we have significant discounts for veterans or active military duty personnel, Unemployed and groups of 3 or more.

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