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As a product manager or product owner how do you validate which pricing model works best for your product?


For years digital marketing has used A/B testing to test landing pages, newsletters, Email, Ads and more successfully to capture how users react and convert

Can A/B testing be used to test pricing models?

Assume currently you have a single pricing model and you have an hypothesis that a tiered pricing model (Basic, Standard, Premium) will increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) by 20% compared to the current single pricing model.

💎 Metrics to watch:
1. Average revenue per user (ARPU) 💴
2. Conversion Rate 👯
3. Churn Rate – Customers who cancel 🤷‍♂️
4. Customers lifetime value (CLTV) 💅

💎 Segment Customers
1. Control Group: Users that see the current pricing model (A)
2. Control Group: Users that see the tiered pricing model (B)

💎 Design the A/B Test
1. User groups are the same customer segment to remove bias.
2. Determine the sample size for each group to ensure statistical significance. Use a sample size calculator to detect a meaningful difference in ARPU with a 95% confidence level.

💎 Implement and Run the Test
1. Show different pricing pages
2. Monitor over a long period (e.g., 30 days) to collect sufficient data.

💎 Analyze the data
Compare the ARPU, conversion rates, churn rates, and CLTV between the control and test groups.
Example data:
Control Group: ARPU: $20, Conversion Rate: 5%, Churn Rate: 2%, CLTV:$100
Test Group: ARPU: $24, Conversion Rate: 6%, Churn Rate: 1.5%, CLTV: $120

Based on the analysis if the ARPU and other metrics show significant improvements then it validates the hypothesis that the tiered pricing is better.

Have you used A/B testing in product management?
Share your example in the comments field below

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