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Scrum Mastery

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Certified Scrum Master

Sprint Review is more than a Sprint Demo

Imagine you and your team, in a room with 90 people demonstrating you work. People are quietly listening, there are no questions asked and once you are completed with the demonstration, people leave. There is zero engagement in the room. You have no idea whether your work or your demonstration...

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Together, we become stronger.

Conflict resolution for competing priorities Navigating the complex realm of product strategy often feels like steering a ship through choppy waters. As a product team, you craft a meticulous strategy, and meticulously plan your course, only to face a barrage of questions and conflicting challenges from internal teams, subject matter experts (SMEs), and other...

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Objectives and Key Results

At its core, OKRs consist of two components: Key results can encompass various measurable aspects such as growth, engagement, revenue, performance, or quality. It’s crucial to focus on leading indicators rather than lagging ones. Leading indicators are proactive measures, like signed sales agreements or support for a candidate, that drive...

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Superpower Retrospective

One of my favorite retrospectives is the Superpower Retrospective. When faced with a team that has been together for a while and has done a few retrospectives it can be hard to keep things interesting. The Superpower Retrospective is an excellent way of spicing things up. With the Superpower Retrospective...

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