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How to turn a side hustle into a profitable retail store

Podcast with Brandi Andres

In Conversation with Brandi Andres, my CSPO® and CSM® student and founder of @ thewellest A profitable successful sustainable retail business built during the pandemic.

If I had to pick 5 product management lessons from this podcast on how to turn a side hustle into a profitable business

1. Lean Thinking: Validating the assumption with popups in fairs, building website and enabling e-commerce functionality and finally opening a store that invites communities to come in, hang out and network
2. Social Connect: Products are environmentally friendly and sustainability conscious, from creams you apply, to food that you put in your stomach as well as non alcoholic beverages
3. Strong Why: Non cruelty to animals and improving the environment
4. Emotional Connect: Building local communities that are thinking about sustainable products and want to network with others in a friendly environment
5. Continuous Learning: Learn from books, videos, podcasts and interviewing others to learn from them

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