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Keep learners awake and engaged using interactive lecture

As a trainer you want your learners to have

  1. Collaborative interdependence: learners work together and they cannot accomplish the task without working together.
  2. Individual accountability: As a participant in a group activity, learners are accountable for maximizing their own learning.

Sharon Bowman’s Training from the BACK of the Room book first introduced me to the two ideas and so I wanted this level of interaction for my every presentation and training.

One way to deliver new content to learners without slides is interactive lecture.  Many of the trainers that I teach tend to use the interactive lecture because it helps them easily transition from a lecture with slides.

The writing is an explicit part of the lecture delivery while the content delivery is short usually between 5 to 8 minutes.

I use two techniques to deliver an interactive lecture

1. Interactive lecture using a graphic organizer

In the below Youtube video I share the scrum workflow and I ask my learners to download my learners to download and print the graphic organizer –  While I deliver my interactive lecture, learners are completing the graphic organizer.


2. Interactive lecture using a blank sheet of paper

In the four attributes of the product backlog and product backlog item I ask my learners to use a blank sheet of paper. I engage them to use the blank sheet of paper to capture the attributes while I share them with an interactive lecture.

Key benefits of an interactive lecture

  • Keep learners awake and engaged.
  • Learner’s are focused on the information in the lecture because they are focused on writing down the material
  • Increase learner’s retention of the knowledge
  • Learner’s takeaway their learning that they wrote on the graphic organizer or the blank sheet of paper

Principles used to engage the brain

  • Shorter trumps longer
  • Writing trumps reading
  • Different trumps same

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