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Do you know your DevOps? 8 expert videos that amaze

DevOps concepts and terms.

DevOps does not have a single source of knowledge unlike other IT frameworks. It is being built on the collective experiences and insights of multiple thought leaders and resources including conferences, books, articles, webinars, videos and enterprise.  Our goal is to share our understanding of DevOps Foundation-related concepts and terms. Of course, there is a wealth of other videos, blogs and case studies on the web. We welcome suggestions for additions.

Exploring DevOps
“A Short History of DevOps” with Damon Edwards

‘A Short History of DevOps’ with Damon Edwards – Time (11:47)

Core DevOps Practices
“The Three Ways of The Phoenix Project” Gene Kim

‘Gene Kim Defines The Three Ways of The Phoenix Project’ – Time (3:31)

Key DevOps Principles
‘GitHub Professional Guide: Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery”

‘GitHub Professional Guide: Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery -Time (6 :00)

 Business & Technology Frameworks
“Spotify Engineering Culture Part 1” with Henrick Kniberg

‘Spotify Engineering Culture Part 1’ with Henrik Kniberg – Time (13:12)

 DevOps Values: Culture, Behaviors & Operating Models 
“Spotify Engineering Culture Part 2” with Henrick Kniberg

‘Spotify Engineering Culture Part 2’ with Henrik Kniberg – Time (13:27)

DevOps Values: Automation & Architecting DevOps Toolchains
“DevOps Toolchain” with John Okoro 

‘The DevOps Toolchain’ with John Okoro -Time (7:43)

DevOps Values: Measurement, Metrics & Reporting
“Double the Awesome” with Dr Nicole Forsgren 

‘Double the Awesome’ with Dr. Nicole Forsgren – Time (21:46)

DevOps Values: Sharing, Shadowing & Evolving
“DevOps: A Culture of Sharing ” with Gareth Rushgrove

‘DevOps: A Culture of Sharing’ with Gareth Rushgrove – Time (2:19)

Scrum, Product Management, and DevOps: Simplifying the jargon

The internet and social media are full of Agile, Scrum, Product Management, and DevOps jargon, including incorrect and misunderstood concepts. This could be problematic for a learner seeking knowledge. Without a course with Scrum Alliance,, or DevOps Institute, this knowledge is difficult to achieve.

The Concepts & Beyond blog is a free suite of articles and videos packaged in tiny chunks. You will learn or refine your knowledge and skills to help your team and organization be effective. When you want to take your knowledge further, we invite you to join us for our  Certified ScrumMaster(CSM),  Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified DevOps Engineering Foundations (DOEF) and Training from the Back of The Room courses across the USA and Canada.

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