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Breaking Down Cultural and Language Barriers in the Classroom

Breaking Down Cultural

Have you noticed how the pandemic has transformed our viewing habits? Many of us have started exploring international shows and movies, even in languages we don’t speak. Yet, when we encounter someone speaking English with an accent, we might judge them for not sounding like us.

Imagine being an international student, new to the country and still mastering the language. You mispronounce a word during a class presentation, and your classmates laugh. This experience can make you hesitant to speak up again, impacting your engagement and confidence.

To create a more inclusive and respectful classroom environment, try these strategies:

🙏 Peer Support: Pair the new student with a supportive peer who can help them navigate language and cultural challenges. This peer can provide guidance and companionship, making the new student feel more at ease.

🙏 Mutual Learning: Encourage buddy pairs to learn from each other, fostering a sense of mutual respect and understanding.

🙏 Psychological Safety: Use the “Working Agreement” technique from Sharon Bowman Training from the BACK of the Room. Let students create the terms that make them feel comfortable, respected, included, and safe.

Want to dive deeper into these tips and explore 100+ more techniques? Join Anil Jaising, CST®, and me in our next Sharon Bowman Training from the BACK of the Room Practitioner Class in NYC on June 27-28, 2024.
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