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How Callaway Golf used content marketing to grow their business from 1 billion to 17 billion in 2 years?

Callaway is a highly regarded manufacturer of golf clubs and accessories.

While the U.S. golf industry fought to win a greater share of existing customers,  Callaway created a blue ocean of new demand by asking why sports enthusiasts  and people in the country club set had not taken up golf as a sport.

They found one key commonality uniting the mass of noncustomers:  hitting the golf ball was perceivedas too difficult.  The small size of the golf club head demanded enormous hand-eye coordination, took time to master and required concentration. 

As a result, fun was sapped for novices, and it took too long to get good at the sport. This understanding gave Callaway insight into how to create new demand for its offering.  The answer was Big Bertha, a golf club with a large head that made it far easier to hit the golf  ball.

Up to that point, the whole industry had essentially focused on creating  clubs that would allow golfers to hit the ball farther. But as Callaway explored noncustomers it found is that most people in the country club set considered taking up golf, but then choose against. 

They choose to takeup and play tennis instead.

As Callaway explored why people shied away from golf.

From there they started to grow an audience and quickly realised there was an opportunity to elevate their approach to content and do something different.

They created interesting, compelling, and valuable content for golf fans with an aspirational positioning rather than a commercial sales message.

This gave the fans a feeling that they weren’t being marketed to all the time. This different approach to marketing took a lot of work and commitment and businesses wishing to repeat this strategy will have to be comfortable operating with a non-traditional approach to marketing.

Callaway are able to engage with golfers in an authentic way and are not afraid to make mistakes or make fun of themselves in their pursuit of creativity.

They move at speed, take risks, and are transparent with their customers which makes them feel like they are part of the brand also.

Here are some examples of innovative content they posted


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