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In my first role as a scrum master, I thought the only thing I had to work on was make the developers effective. Little I knew my role also meant that I had to help the product owner be successful and the change the organization. My product owner came to me and said, I need help facilitating the sprint review. What should I do? who should I invite? How can I ensure that I keep everyone on target during the meeting?

At that time, I did not know how I should help him. I pored over books and spoke to several others in user group meetings and came up with the following.

Sprint Review

Time box: Up to 4 hours for a one-month sprint

Sprint Review Participants: Scrum team and stakeholders the product owner invites.

Output: Feedback on product increment, changes to the Product Backlog, and

observations on market conditions, budget, etc.


Sample Agenda for Sprint Review:

Who Participates
Time box
The Product Owner explains what Product Backlog items have been “Done” and what has not been “Done Product owner and stakeholders up to 15 minutes
The Developers discuss what went well during the Sprint, what problems it ran into,and how those problems were solved; Developers and stakeholders up to 15 minutes
The Developers demonstrates the work that it has “Done” and answers questions about the Increment Developers and stakeholders up to To 1 hour
The Product Owner discusses the Product Backlog as it stands. He or she projects likely target and delivery dates based on progress to date Product Owner and Stakeholders up to 15 minutes
The entire group collaborates on what to do next, so that the Sprint Review provides valuable input to subsequent Sprint Planning Scrum team and Stakeholders up to 45 minutes
Review of how the marketplace or potential use of the product might have changed what is the most valuable thing to do next; and, Review of the timeline, budget, potential capabilities, and marketplace for the next anticipated releases of functionality or capability of the product. Scrum team and Stakeholders up to 30 minutes


  1. A sprint review is attended by product owners and the developers give a demo to the product owner. This is a myth because the product owner is a part of the scrum team and should be aware of all the features being added during the sprint and continue to collaborate with developers at all times during the sprint. The sprint review is for stakeholders to provide feedback and look ahead

2. The sprint review is a “demo” The sprint review is much more than a demo, This is one event in scrum where the product owner, developers and the stakeholders get to review the work done in the sprint and the product increment. They also look at what’s upcoming and how they should adjust based on market conditions, budget and customer’s changing needs.
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